ET Pro 3.1.0 Changelog since 3.0.1

config typo
corrected spechelp
prone self-headshot when shooting through windows
atitool should no longer false positive
fraps should no longer false positive when exiting mid-game
bullets no longer snap endpoints when firing through entities (breakables, players)
allow level 4 covops to gib with knife
suicides as deaths dont count in warmup
fix cursefilter for custom voice chat text
cg_draw2d speclock exploit fixed
timescale problems when using b_demo_autotimescale fixed
weaponlimit exploit fixed
update for new cheats, false positives
ref'd shoutcasters couldn't sclogout when no shoutcast password was set
don't allow altweapon while dead (eg covops silencer while waiting for revive)
limbo'd players spectating some other 999'd player showed up orange in fireteam
persistent XP slots doubled in order to alleviate XP save failures
accuracy increases for unlagged code (don't snap history)
etmain dynamite bug: some announced plants dont destroy constructibles
Mines are easier to spot along uneven ground (eg on goldrush, spotting mines near tank from the cart)
Don't draw rank/skill upgrades in freecam or weaponcam
Fix flashing rank/skill upgrades
Wounded players couldn't be gibbed in headshot-only mode
Fix point blank headshots
Player collisions should be somewhat less jumpy now
Fix some duplicate guids (guids will likely change for many players because of this fix)
Don't display flamethrower effect on client while firing tank mg42 when cg_drawgun 0
Players can now drown/burn/fall/crush/etc in headshot mode
freecam fixed for multiview demos
999 players are excluded from average ping
ref menu expanded colors twice
callvote sound was respatialized in freecam
linux anticheat false positive with new 2.6.x kernels, glibc 2.3.3, fixed
play grenade ticks when hud is hidden (cg_draw2d, scoreboard, etc)
don't run class config autoexec scripts when switching to spectator
fix premature artillery detonation exploit
fix shoving players through walls exploit
b_fallingbugfix (default 1, enabled) should fix all map falling bugs
cointoss on win32 should be fixed
scoreboard ping stddev was broken on empty teams
intermission pings were silly
dont allow spectators to see spawntimes before joining a team
333fps speedhack hopefully fixed
b_antiwarp fixes (make it more consistent with pmove_fixed, eliminate some fps dependencies)
Drop objectives on shuffleteamsxp_norestart
b_demo_lookat pitch fix
b_demo_lookat enabled for scripted cameras
draw round timer, movement speed, fps, clock, snapshot info, even if cg_drawFireteamOverlay is off
Broken scoreboard when pmove_fixed was on (caused blank scoreboards)
cg_drawfireteamoverlay 0 conflicted with compass when b_althud was 0
fix infinite loop with certain g_gravity combinations when b_fixedphysics is enabled
fireteam overlay no longer draws on top of commandmap
altweapon didnt work to unscope a scoped weapon with 0/0 ammo
b_demo_lookat should now pan smoothly
Constructible icons fixed for multilevel commandmaps
Run autoexec_soldier.cfg when joining soldier class from spectator
Don't adjust commandtimes when g_smoothclients 0 (would otherwise mess up antilag)
Don't allow proning while jumping
Spectators could sometimes go partially through walls
b_panzerhack should now work properly

New features:
completely new antilag system. adapted from neil toronto's unlagged2.1 work. it is more efficient and far more accurate than etmain's antilag code.
clients may now pick their individual antilag algorithm. b_antilag 0 = none, 1 = etpro, 2 = etmain. server g_antilag cvar no longer has any effect.
auto change timescale to b_demo_autotimescale in weaponcam if the weapon is set in b_demo_autotimescaleweapons (bitflag):
1 = panzer
2 = grenade
4 = dynamite
8 = mortar
16 = smoke
b_demo_* are now cvar_archive and no longer cheat protected
server log text of custom voicechats
much more efficient client cvar restriction checking
sanity check league config's sv_pure setting vs server's sv_pure setting
notify player if there is no matching player to private message
New ref/console command /cointoss, also votable and controlled by server cvar vote_allow_cointoss
b_drawpromotions (default 1, enabled) - draws rank promotions on hud
b_drawrewards (default 1, enabled) - draws skill upgrades on hud
ESC in demo playback resets timescale to 1.0, two consecutive ESC in 1/2 sec exits demo playback
b_backupcvars (default 1, enabled) controls whether cvar backup files are generated
EDV freecam may now be turned on or off via /freecam on, /freecam off
Win32 anticheat system completely toned down. Now only known cheats are reported to players, and the notification repeats every 5 minutes
Players may request encrypted cheat debug for non-clean players with /cheaters <playernum>
Small FPS increase for anticheat system
KP_DOWNARROW is clamped to timescale 1.0 in demo playback
freecam/weaponcam title prioritized over shoutcaster in demo playback
New client cvar b_weapaltreloads (default 1, enabled) enables/disables altweap-reload feature
Artillery announcements are no longer endlessly buffered
b_optimizeprediction (default 1, enabled) arqon's optimized prediction for increased fps, especially on high ping connections
antiwarp effects now distinctly drawn on lagometer
antiwarp time added to scoreboard ping
New cg_drawWeaponIconFlash 2 which has sane colors (versus 1, which is silly.)
players who call a vote may abort it with F2
team_maxriflegrenades to limit max rifle grenade players per team.
average ping in scoreboard is more detailed, includes std deviation
shuffleteamsxp_norestart will shuffle teams without restarting map
pmove_fixed, pmove_msec now saved in tjl files
zinx's new 'fixed physics' system, intended for use instead of the old broken pmove_fixed:
b_fixedphysics (0 default, disabled) enforces fps-independent player movment. 1 = enable using b_fixedphysicsfps for all player movement, 2 = allow old fps-dependent movement up to 166fps
b_fixedphysicsfps (125 default) fps rate to use for jumping movement when b_fixedphysics is set to 1
log all etpro guids now (guids not 100% reliable yet though)
new example scripted camera railgun03
hud menu updates for b_antilag, b_optimizedprediction, etc.
initial support for ettv
Allow shorter warmups (eg g_warmup 3)
Console command cpmsay allows console broadcasts in popup message area
/demoff allows demo fast forwarding. 300 = forward 300 seconds, -300 = forward to 300 sec remaining.
b_pronedelay (default 0, disabled) - millseconds to freeze player on prone transitions.
b_tracers 2 shows everyones tracers except your own

Known issues:
tso causes unusual /cheaters output