new: client-selectable hitsounds via b_hitsounds
new: shoutcaster support - b_shoutcastpassword, /shoutcastlogin, /shoutcastlogout, /sclogin, /sclogout
new: server makeshoutcaster|makeshoutcast|makesc
new: server removeshoutcaster|removeshoutcast|removesc
new: shoutcasters can see playernames attached to players at all times
new: shoutcasters can't be speclocked
new: shoutcasters can see mines
new: shoutcasters can see dynamite counter
new: shoutcasters can see tank/truck health
new: fretn's extended demo viewer
new: /freecam command to switch in and out of freecam in demo playback (and can be bound to a key)
new: b_demo_lookat (entnum, eg clientnum), freecamsetpos (x,y,z), freecamgetpos
new: demohelp submenu
new: server now does basic sanity check on install and issues warnings if files are missing, cvars are wrong, etc.
new: b_demo_nametags draws nametags on players during demo playback. 1 = enable, 2 = draw always regardless of visibility, 4 = draw with entnum 8 = draw class (for eg b_demo_lookat)
new: b_demo_dynamitecounter draws counter on dynamite during demo playback
new: ikkyo anti-cheat and zinx anti-cheat
new: cg_draw2d no longer cheat protected
new: b_althudflags 4 for rtcw-style hud -
new: console and passworded ref commands makeshoutcaster/removeshoutcaster
new: players may choose which voicechat to use with /vsay # voicechat
new: players may use custom voicechat messages /vsay Oops Whoops - enabled by b_customVoiceChat (default 1)
new: gibs are back, enable/disable with cg_gibs
new: shoutcasters can see all players on commandmap
new: round timer drawn in althud when free spectator (and b_althudflags 1)
new: player /ready status shown in scoreboard
new: deferred menus to speed up game loading (see etpro_menu.dat)
new: team_maxMines (default 10, 0 = disabled, -1 = unlimited)
new: less bandwidth used (static coronas, ev_bullet optimizations)
new: b_cursefilter, b_cursefilteraction (0 = do nothing, 1 = quietly drop message, 2 = censor, 3 = drop message)
new: server cvar range limiting (and forcing) sv_cvar EQ,LE,GE,IN,OUT etc etc
new: b_campaignFile allows admin to specify specific campaign file, to prevent server from referencing every pk3 on the server and forcing players to download every referenced pk3 on the server
new: rifle grenades may be disabled through b_riflegrenades (default 1, enabled)
new: scoreboard and tinfo now take far less bandwidth (dialup players should notice a lot of difference)
new: weaponcam (b_demo_panzercam, b_demo_mortarcam, etc.) b_demo_nopitch (1 = default, no pitching for grenades/dynamite)
new: b_demo_teamonlymissilecam (default 0, 1 enables) = only weaponcam same team's weapons
new: scoreboard shows team average pings
new: b_chatsounds
new: b_namecolorfilter (eg "0" to filter black from names)
new: b_shovesounds (default 1) allows players to disable shove sounds
new: debugmap/mapdebug (requires sv_cheats 1)
new: new map scripting commands "set","create", "delete"
new: new eflag EF_FAKEBMODEL for scripting spawned brushes
new: spawnable trigger_objective_info, func_explosive
new: spawnable func_fakebrush (better than "noclass" when spawning solid ents.)
new: stopwatch fueldump with constructible allied forward spawn in garage
new: stopwatch battery with dynamitable back door
new: mapdefault_all.cfg executed before map-specific configs
new: plugin league configs - 'config xyz' none|empty|reset clears it, no configfile specified lists configs available on the server
new: doors open silently when crouched
new: signed/certified league config files
new: maps can use alternate loading screen media: etpro/{mapname}/gfx/loading/camp_map, etpro/{mapname}/gfx/loading/pin_axis, etpro/{mapname}/gfx/loading/pin_allied
new: shove kills, works for both enemy and tk's (logged as MOD_KICKED)
new: speedometer - b_drawspeed, b_speedinterval
new: b_speedunit (0 default = ups, 1 = mph, 2 = km/h) for speedometer
new: trickjump tools - tjl_StartRecord, tjl_StopRecord, tjl_DrawSlot (slot) (colorstring), tjl_info, b_tjl_draw, b_tjl_stoponnomove, b_tjl_color (accepts color strings too, eg green, white, etc), b_tjl_showmaxespeed
new: trickjump saving/loading: tjl_save , tjl_load file extension = .tjl_1.dat (1 = version #)
new: trickjump ghosts: tjg_startrecord, tjg_stoprecord, tjg_playghost, tjg_stopghost, tjg_pauseghost
new: b_ghostfx - controls special effects for tjgs to distinguish them from normal players
new: trickjump ghost saving/loading: tjg_save, tjg_load
new: /classmenu for class selection menu
new: /tjl_menu for trickjump line menu
new: /tjg_menu for trickjump ghost menu
new: =FF=im2weak4u's etpro config menus
new: b_demo_playersprites (default 1, enabled) to control drawing of player sprites in demo playback
new: /noclip works in edv freecam demo playback
new: b_demo_drawspectatormessages enables/disables drawing the "spectator/weaponcam/shoutcaster/etc" overlay in demo playback
new: /class allows selection of secondary weapon
new: b_muzzleflash (default 1, 0 disables)
new: b_tracers (default 1, 0 disables)
new: distinct landmine and satchel bounce sounds
new: cg_drawfps 3 = # of ms required to render frames
new: b_speedometer (1 = draw ups, 2 = draw ups (max: xx), 3 = draw speedometer only, 4 = draw speedometer and ups (max: xx), 5 = draw speedometer and ups). /resetmaxspeed to clear max speed
new: b_debugfakebmodel (cheat protected) for debugging EF_FAKEBMODEL brushes in map scripts
new: osp goat is back (b_goatsound 1 default, 0 disables)
new: osp announcer is back (cg_announcer 1 default, 0 disables)
new: bindable commands for non-3rdperson demo playback: +freecam_turnleft, +freecam_turnright, +freecam_turnup, +freecam_turndown, +freecam_rollleft, +freecam_rollright. cvars b_demo_yawturnspeed, b_demo_pitchturnspeed, b_demo_rollspeed
new: cvar to disable default demo keybindings (b_predefineddemokeys 1 = default, enabled. 0 disables)
new: wounded freelook is entirely clientside now
new: /ref and rcon unified
new: show team damage received in stats
new: b_intreadypercent (default 75) percent for /ready in intermission
new: weapalt on pistol/smg reloads weapon
new: =FF=im2weak4u's etpro settings menu
new: b_mapscriptdirectory is distinct from b_mapconfigdirectory (b_mapconfigdirectory is ignored for certified configs)
new: auto team/class configs (autoexec_*.cfg axis|allies|spectator soldier|medic|engineer|fieldops|covertops)
new: b_demorecord_statusline (default 470) to place the demo recording statusline. 0 disables statusline entirely.
new: server custom skill levels now displayed in stats pulldown
new: weapalt as spectator follows previous player (eg attack = next player)
new: revivable players have * in fireteam
new: gib stats are tracked now
new: connection-interrupted players now marked orange in fireteam
new: banners now log to console
new: b_bannerlocation controls clientside where banners display (default 192) 0=chat(&8),1=cpm(&16),2=cp(&32),3=console(&64),4=bp(&128)
new: b_logbanners (default 1) log banners to console
new: callvoteable configs - callvote config - vote_allow_config is a space delimited list of allowable configs for voting
new: individual players may enable/disable antilag independently of server setting (b_antilag)
new: cg_autoaction +8 = only auto-demorecord in stopwatch matches
new: b_anticheat (default 1, enabled) enables etpro anticheat warnings and autokicking
new: b_cheatkicktime (default -1, disabled) defines time in minutes that cheaters are kicked from the server
new: b_headshot (default 0, disabled) headshot mode. +1 = headonly, +2 = instagib, +4 = damage to clients only, +8 = damage from clients only
new: b_instagibDamage (default 400) defines instagib damage
new: /nextteam sets the team the next /class command will send (used internally by /teammenu)
new: /teammenu
new: added 'NOT' suppoport to animation scripts (mainly useful to modders)
new: /cheaters shows red for known cheats and yellow for unknown cheats
new: b_drawspectatoralpha (default 1) alpha of 'SPECTATOR', 'SHOUTCASTER', etc overlay
new: more example trickjump ghosts and lines
new: /addfavorite, /delfavorite to add/delete servers from favorites list manually
new: b_cvarlist - clients can list server cvar limit settings
new: /clearlines will empty out the debug line queue (e.g. if a bunch of railtrail lines with a huge cg_railtrailtime are in the buffer.)
new: enabled the camera scripting system, see cameras/ cameras/ for examples, invoke with e.g. /camera railgun01
new: allow "*" for b_textcolorfilter to mean 'filter everything.'
new: sv_cvar INCLUDE/EXCLUDE support for strings! (e.g. sv_cvar r_nv_fogdist_mode INCLUDE NV GL_EYE_RADIAL_NV)
new: add an etpro filter to the ui server browser
new: etpro3 recorded demos now contain blocker to prevent accidental playback on non-etpro3 clients
new: b_demo_freecamspeed controls the freecam movement speed
new: replacement for Player_Allies and Player_Axis that takes less space -- key 'P' with values: '-' (free slot, no associated player in player list), '0' (connecting player), '1' (axis player), '2' (allied player), '3' (spectating player)
new: new cvar limit types WITHBITS, WITHOUTBITS
new: b_stickycharge 2 = sticky charge regardless if player is killed by enemy or not

change: cg_tracer* cvars only work in demo playback
change: Players_Axis, Players_Allies removed
change: autoexec_default.cfg is run if autoexec_mapname.cfg is not found.
change: bindings now work in demo playback
change: smoke grenades no longer eat tons of cpu
change: voicechats are synchronized
change: obituaries no longer send origin (saves bandwidth)
change: less bandwidth used (EV_SHAKE no longer sent if out of range, EV_BULLET_* optimized by ~60 bits per event)
change: if invalid campaign starting map is invoked, switch server to stopwatch mode instead of shutting down server
change: k43/garand are balanced now
change: objective icon is now immediate instead of delayed
change: panzer switches to smg instead of grenades after firing
change: smg moved to weaponbank 2 when carried as secondary weapon
change: allow L4 heavy weapon soldier to swap primary weapon for SMG
change: campaign scripts with > 10 maps are ignored
change: switch to smg not pistol after smoke grenade is thrown
change: prone hitbox is no longer instantaneous, now gradual
change: refs/semiadmins should see all votes
change: specs should see EF_CONNECTION now
change: suicides are counted as deaths in stats now
change: show [bindname] instead of [????] for missing binds
change: 'no complaint filed...' now includes player name
change: cg_instanttapout is really instant now (instead of just autoacking the forcereqrespawn from the server)
change: black names were hard to read in intermission, intermission background lightened
change: pmove_msec is now allowed to be 3 (eg allow up to 333fps)
change: ui demo menu will now list up to 1024 demo files
change: Auto-close the tapout confirmation dialog when gibbed.
change: allow +wstats, +topshots in demo playback
change: space unbound in demo playback, use KP_5 for timescale reset now
change: hit escape two times consecutively to exit demo playback
change: vote_allow_config can be set to "*" to allow voting for any available config
change: change to b_demorecord_statusline: 0 = draw at line 0, -1 = disable
change: cursefilter no longer applies to fireteam chats (fireteam players can simply be ejected or leave the fireteam instead)
change: add "abort" to /teammenu
change: instagib headshot mode works sensibly now (eg no more tripping over a leaf = gib)
change: /ready icon is changed to be more aesthetically pleasing and work properly in 16bpp
change: non-dedicated servers are only sanity warned once
change: notify client when delayed cvars take effect
change: re-enable mute/unmute server console commands, so they can be used in semiadmin
change: separated b_anticheat into 3 strictness levels: 1 99.9% certain (default, recommended), 2 more restrictive, 3 only allow 100% clean players (not recommended)
change: passworded refs vote normally now, and can press F1 or F2 a second time to pass/cancel votes
change: Chats, Voicechats, and banners can now use high-ascii chars and % character \o/
change: b_multiview 1 is default now.
change: If b_cheatlog is blank, it logs cheat messages to g_logfile
change: scoreboard will update periodically while held open
change: b_panzerlevelup (default 1) defines the xp level at which the panzerfaust will get reduced chargetime
change: mouse scrollwheel should now work for yes/no, multi, slider menu widgets
change: removed cg_specSwing (did _nothing_)

bugfix: close voicechat menu before entering limbo menu in endround-intermission
bugfix: smg was not dropped on limbo when player had L4 heavy weapons, regardless of class
bugfix: luger had greater spread than colt, and stalled on last shot
bugfix: scoreboard during demo playback now works properly
bugfix: crosshair names would randomly not work (tunnels in oasis, crypt in resurrection)
bugfix: Stock map scripts do not use setautospawn correctly
bugfix: spectator command map was buggy
bugfix: "Killed by " in endround scoreboard (from quake3) removed.
bugfix: skulled players appearing in scoreboard during warmup
bugfix: lagometer faked in demo playback
bugfix: gibs/bloodtrails sometimes crashed/locked up the client
bugfix: TEAM_SPECTATOR see mine spotting announcements, even when speclocked
bugfix: 'phantom tracers' bug
bugfix: 'players sticking to each other' prediction errors
bugfix: statsaver bugs (server/client crash on stat restore)
bugfix: zoom exploit (
bugfix: dynamite exploit (
bugfix: garbage at edges of screen
bugfix: Server crash exploit
bugfix: silent landmines
bugfix: non-disarmable landmines
bugfix: player view was snapped on revive after invulnerability ended
bugfix: dead players waiting for revive didnt gib
bugfix: oversize servercommands that would crash the client are now ignored
bugfix: client crash exploit
bugfix: dynamite exploit fix
bugfix: ui_reload exploit fix (ui_reload no longer completely stalls the client, even when scripted)
bugfix: client loses prone state after packet loss
bugfix: movers suck less
bugfix: prone-invisible-player-sploit
bugfix: spread reduction applies to lightweapons 3, not 4 (as per documentation)
bugfix: fix firstperson tank tracer origin if cg_drawgun is off
bugfix: oasis cheat
bugfix: oasis, railgun, battery, radar falling death map bugs
bugfix: goldrush cheat (invisible player map bug like oasis cheat)
bugfix: radar dynamite-truck bug
bugfix: lms didnt end when a team is eliminated
bugfix: winning team was cheated of a win when they eliminated opposition < 3 sec before round end, and then died themselves
bugfix: doubled events (doubled medic cry, doubled ev_fire, etc)
bugfix: fireteam command doesn't work with long names/clientids
bugfix: switching weapon during pause shouldn't be possible
bugfix: movers no longer silently eat planted mines, they trigger them. and they dont eat unplanted mines at all.
bugfix: reinforcement time was not drawn when timelimit < 0 (eg sudden death on dual obj map)
bugfix: pmove_fixed didn't work when only set on client
bugfix: distance damage reduction now works as documented (1500-2500 = 100%->20%) instead of being totally broken.
bugfix: team landmine count was wrong (didnt count triggered team mines) and borked defusing of them. you could also plant 1 extra mine for each triggered one. fixed.
bugfix: spectating player who enters scope doesnt zoom fov
bugfix: static mg42s don't hurt props
bugfix: spectator follow was forgetful (if a player dies, you'll resume following when they respawn now)
bugfix: audio announcements got dropped (eg spectator follow for axis)
bugfix: empty votestrings (eg callvote map_reset, then player joins server, call another map_reset and they dont see it)
bugfix: LMS sometimes wouldnt show who drew first blood
bugfix: LMS sometimes wouldnt show how many wins each team had
bugfix: no longer "noammo" click when dropping satchel/landmine/dynamite
bugfix: server-side changes of team, class, and weapon update limbo menu - fixes losing weapon on mapchanges, random weapon lossage on skill upgrades, etc.
bugfix: wounded viewlocking to non-medics
bugfix: grenades/smokecanisters/airstrikecanisters didn't fall if the ground moved beneath them
bugfix: cg_teamChatHeight now followed in intermission
bugfix: client blows up on vote->map when client has >64 campaigns in pk3's
bugfix: client crashes when topshots + wstats are shown simultaneously
bugfix: 'complaint dismissed' when player disconnects
bugfix: disguised covops has laggy health display to enemy team
bugfix: names repeated in scoreboard immediately after map_restart
bugfix: server security exploit via client
bugfix: engine bug preventing clients from receiving disconnect reason
bugfix: engine stack corruption bug when pk3 download falls back to engine download from www
bugfix: If CS_SYSTEMINFO exceeds 1024 characters, it will be truncated when the map changes.
bugfix: KP_ keys don't work in demohelp menu when numlock is on
bugfix: generate static GUID
bugfix: Demo playback crashes
bugfix: Random client disconnects on level4 fops
bugfix: /ready lights busted
bugfix: g_antilag was reversed, it's now back to normal
bugfix: Linux client crashes on map restarts
bugfix: win32 client crashes
bugfix: Refs could grant shoutcaster status to active players
bugfix: Shoutcaster disguised player name in floating names was offset wrong
bugfix: Spectators could see spawn times even when speclocked
bugfix: No longer prints double messages when kicking cheaters
bugfix: Various TJG/TLJ bugfixes
bugfix: Disguised covert ops laggy health display wasn't quite fixed
bugfix: Don't do shuffle animations while using a mounted weapon.
bugfix: Don't divide by zero and then loop for ages when the map has no command map mins/maxs.
bugfix: Userinfo should now be reliable (eg b_hitsounds, g_antilag, cg_autoaction should always be set properly on connect now)
bugfix: Medics would regenerate during match pauses
bugfix: Floating 2d (names, counters, floating speeds) should now draw under the hud instead of on top of it
bugfix: chat sounds shouldn't be respatialized in freecam
bugfix: kill/death stats lost in intermission when name changed
bugfix: keypresses in initial loading screen during demo playback would cause immediate playback abort
bugfix: players hearing landmine spotting announcements for opposing team when specinvited
bugfix: limbo players should no longer be able to spec teammates when they switch to the other team
bugfix: turning animation should now work when player is not holding an smg, or when player is crouched
bugfix: grenades are now tossed overhand when appropriate (animation)
bugfix: anticheat updates (false positives, bugfixes)
bugfix: new anti-lagcheat code (b_antiwarp 1, default) handles genuinely laggy players better. b_allowlandminehax removed in favor of this new code.
bugfix: speakers (commandposts, etc) should now always have correct state on map restarts, demo playback, and late joins
bugfix: Fix mortar impact and distance weapon firing sounds in MV
bugfix: Draw proper ammo display for weird weapons (e.g. landmines, medpacks, panzerfaust) in an MV subwindow.
bugfix: Properly draw the MG42/Browning icon if a player is using a mounted weapon, but for ONLY that player (instead of every player.)
bugfix: Fix binocular reticle scaling in MV. (It used to not scale Y properly, and the reticle would extend past the window bottom.)
bugfix: Fix the problem where multiple MV'd players would be shown as active in the right-hand status overlay.
bugfix: Draw the correct number of lives in MV. (Uses the value from the scoreboard, so it'll be a tiny bit laggy.)
bugfix: Draw spectator names in MV mainwindow (they are too small to be legible in subwindows so they are omitted)
bugfix: shoutcaster bugfixes
bugfix: intermission chat bugfixes
bugfix: if etpro_cheats.dat is missing, warn and fail gracefully instead of marking every player as a cheat
bugfix: lagged players should now have colors properly stripped in fireteam display
bugfix: bugfixes for disguised covert ops on commandmap and crosshair names
bugfix: covert ops no longer lose disguise if +attack while using binoculars
bugfix: powerup displays (objectives, covert disguises) should no longer be lagged
bugfix: pmove_fixed was unusably buggy, only a few minor problems remain now
bugfix: spectator/limbo cameras no longer slowly 'drift'
bugfix: config listing (config withut parameters) now lists if a config is certified
bugfix: ref / callvote config will list config descriptions when the command fails
bugfix: players being randomly muted when b_damagexp 1
bugfix: up MAX_CAMPAIGNS to 256 from 64
bugfix: Allow space to activate UI widgets as an alternative to enter. This has the side effect of making space work to force the tapout when you have the evil dialog on.
bugfix: maxlives ip enforcement was buggy (didnt work at all in etmain...)
bugfix: fix oasis map speaker script bug
bugfix: player 0 no longer credited for strange world kills
bugfix: fix strange underwater pushing/stuck-ness in oasis
bugfix: reduce antiwarp lag during map changes
bugfix: save pmove_fixed and fireteam selection across vid_restart and map changes
bugfix: fix a crash when trying to load an invalid campaign from the 'host game' ui.
bugfix: fix a problem which prevented et from parsing .arena files if you had more than a handful of maps.
bugfix: fix the riflegrenade-through-teamdoor exploit
bugfix: fix a bug with delayed g_gametype change on non-campaign start map
bugfix: fix freecam moving when cl_freezedemo set to 1
bugfix: minor server browser cleanups
bugfix: don't show an incorrect weapon selection in /weapons when a player is in limbo
bugfix: don't show -1 for skill levels on client
bugfix: Don't try to restart the level over and over again if nextmap/nextcampaign fail.
bugfix: antilag fix
bugfix: only change pmove_fixed due to server changes when the user hasn't changed the value on his/her own
bugfix: fix framerate dependency of mg42s
bugfix: fixed mg42s are now antilagged
bugfix: knife is now antilagged
bugfix: cvar limit bugfixes
bugfix: triggered landmines no longer do extra effects when entering PVS
bugfix: fix tank mg42 cooling when not being used if the tank was killed by a script or target_kill
bugfix: antilag now target framerate independent (100 markers, capped up to 800ms) -- Previously, only 10 markers were used, and one marker is used for every CLIENT frame, so you only get e.g. 130ms of antilag versus an opponent running at 76fps.
bugfix: show league config info in scoreboard and during warmup countdown
bugfix: fix keybindings while playing back an mv demo
bugfix: shader fix for goldrush
bugfix: use proper 2.56 mapscript for goldrush, not 2.55
bugfix: delag headhots
bugfix: fix a serious bug in antilag code (etmain bug)
bugfix: spectator +activate is now antilagged
bugfix: commandmap now works in freecam/weaponcam
bugfix: freecam now obeys "/noclip on" "/noclip off"
bugfix: spectators can see unarmed and triggered mines
bugfix: change classmenu title for weapon selection
bugfix: refs automatically unmuted upon becoming a referee