ET Pro - The Enemy Territory Competition Mod
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Bug fixes
Fixed: constructibles timed out during server pauses
Fixed: pause/team timeout announcements didnt broadcast
Fixed: Ammopacks/medpacks no longer "bounce off" players if you are too close
Fixed: Mounted tank browning/mg42 no longer fires low
Fixed: Compass now clips map icons correctly
Fixed: Binoculars can no longer be used with when mobile mg42 is activated.
Fixed: Satchel detonator now shows the correct signal strength when spectator or playing a demo
Fixed: Exploit with cg_errorDecay accepting stupid values
Fixed: no skills displayed until weapon fired
Fixed: level 4 skill messes up stats overlay indentation
Fixed: freelook when wounded didnt work
Fixed: bug with very long names not allowing a client to vote kick them from the menu correctly
Fixed: k43/garand unlimited grenade ammo exploit
Fixed: sprites for mounted tank players were offset wrong
Fixed: /readyteam was broken
Fixed: delta fireteam's icon (it was blank)
Fixed: sprint bar not updated when spectating
Fixed: When a landmine cannot be placed, the correct amount of weapon charge is given back
Fixed: Level 3 engineer now needs only 33% charge for landmines and 66% for dynamite, as originally intended and documented
Fixed: Level 1 field ops now uses field ops charge times instead of medic charge times when giving ammo
Fixed: Battery mapscript - autospawn now works for west bunker captures
Fixed: client crash while prone with cg_nopredict on
Fixed: Spectating/demoplayback/multiview mg42/mortar viewpoints are much more accurate now
Fixed: player bounding box when mounted on a tank
Fixed: compact scoreboard background (was always being drawn with larger slot size)
Fixed: Jump prediction was wrong quite often, due to broken anti-bunnyhop code from RtCW
Fixed: Medals clipped wrong in scoreboard when you're dead
Fixed: Couldn't see votestring as spectator
Fixed: Smoke grenade kills didn't count (they now count as light weapons skills)
Fixed: double/triple-firing (client prediction errors) while walking
Fixed: switching to weapon after dropping dynamite/stachel/landmine
Fixed: server crashes on long campaigns with lots of players (MAX_CVAR_VALUE_STRING overflow)
Fixed: /players should show ready status at end of round, too
Fixed: invisible flamethrower cheat (oasis exploit still exists though)
Fixed: mine markers on command map don't go away when player leaves
Fixed: Server drops clients who haven't loaded completely on map_restart/change
Fixed: Can't kick players whose names are only a number
Fixed: when you are carrying the objective of your team, you can't secure the objective of the other team (fixes maps like sillyctf)
Fixed: prone hitboxes fixed, and the effect displays properly with g_debugbullets
Fixed: client sometimes throws you into spectator mode
Fixed: corpse bounding box has been lowered
Fixed: helmet insignias were fullbright
Fixed: mine flags no longer block other mines from being spotted
Fixed: mines were always broadcast even outside pvs
Fixed: mines werent visible to covert ops when spotting
Fixed: demorecord autoaction was broken
Fixed: match always restarts now when match config type changes
Fixed: warmup pausing should work now
Exploit: cl_timeNudge and rate may no longer be used as 'lag cheats'